Monday, 21 April 2008

10 things I discovered this weekend

1. Renault Clios are cr*p! We hired one in France. The woman from the car hire told us exitedly that we were going to drive a brand new Renault Clio. We hated it. The brakes are so sensitive that passing your foot near them causes the car to do an emergency stop!

2. Builders in France, like builders in the UK, only work when you have got them tightly by the boll*cks.

3. There are red squirrels near the land (we saw one cross the road in front of us).

4. There are small rodent like creatures with big eyes and stripey tails in the woods near the land. As yet I have not been able to identify them!

5.There are lots of deer near the land (we saw one nibbling grass at the side of the road).

6. At Bergerac airport there is a bird of prey that thinks it is a boeing 737!

7. We only have 1.7 metres of top soil on the land (before we hit granite!). (We need another 1.5 metres for the cellar).

8. 'Priority boarding' with Ryan Air means nothing as everyone who doesn't check in a bag gets priority boarding. We were still at the back of a very long line.

9. France is not cheaper than the UK.

10. I really am looking forward to living there!

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