Thursday, 24 April 2008

Five candidates

There were 5 candidates for the important job of leader supreme of our little enclave. The job is primarily a managerial one; obeying high command and leading the troops into battle. ‘The troops’ were looking for an inspirational leader that would raise their banner and lead them forth into new and unconquered territories. The 5 candidates were asked to present their manifestos to the troops and the troops were asked to write copious ‘feedback’. This feedback was collated and given to high command after they had made their initial decision about the 5 candidates. After listening to 5 speeches the troops had a headache!

Candidate 1-told the troops how wonderful they were and how she wasn’t going to do anything without asking them. Candidate 1 presented high command’s policy as her own and was seen as a ‘safe bet’. The troops yawned and were uninspired.

Candidate 2- presented lots of ideas and lots of information on pretty pictures. She mentioned lots of names of important people that she met last week. The troops would have been inspired if they had been able to follow what she was saying.

Candidate 3 – had mastered the technological aspects of PowerPoint in an almost scary way and blinded the troops with techno power which for a while fooled the troops into thinking that there was some content. Candidate 3 did a great presentation for a job that wasn’t the one he was applying for.

Candidate 4- came across as a nice man. His presentation was entertaining and the troops liked him. His speech was full of clich├ęs and sound-bites but candidate 4 was able to inspire some of the troops with his rhetoric.

Candidate 5 – wasn’t able to look at the troops as she addressed them which scared them. She mentioned some inspiring things but there was ‘something of the night’ about her so even though the troops thought she was a good leader no one wanted her to lead them.

High command gave the job to candidate1. The troops were depressed and wondered whether the headache was worth it!

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