Sunday, 6 April 2008

Whiteout 2

Well, the weather deteriorated from my earlier pictures but most people seemed to see it as a positive thing. It snowed all day. Ian and the neighbours ended up having a major snowball fight and others went up on the downs to go sledging. I walked down to the shops and two grown men were talking about how exited they were about the snow and as I walked back an elderly man came to his door and looked excitedly out at the snow in his garden. By the afternoon it began to melt although there is still a fair bit left that has now frozen into sheet ice. In Hastings they had twice as much as here and in Worthing there was nothing! Here are a series of photos, including Ian in a snowball fight, next doors dog and some poor flowers!


Michael House said...

I am very jealous! I love the snow dog. In Cornwall, the main things I miss are snow, trees, and shops! But there are compensations for all those!

Lovely's Blot said...

Well we don't get snow here much either which is why everyone is so exited!