Monday, 7 April 2008

Bedside manners

I had to go for a routine blood test today. Normally I just take my chances at the local hospital and hope that the queues are not too long (don't time them at the same time as busy outpatient clinics or first thing in the morning). Today I walked in and there was no one waiting so I took my number and went straight in for the first time ever. I expected to find the phlebotomist happy about this as usually they have a string of people, but despite my attempts a sociable conversation she was having none of it! She got on as quickly as she could, she didn't ask me the standard questions that she is meant to to ensure that she is taking blood from the right person and she didn't say 'sharp scratch' before she inserted the needle (not that that is anything like what it feels feels like a needle going in your doesn't particularly hurt but it definitely isn't a sharp scratch)! I was in and out in under two minutes, dealt with swiftly and brusquely and for the first time ever I have a big bruise on my arm! Just go to show that bedside manners are important sometimes!

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Michael House said...

I agree, it is never a sharp scratch! Maybe they just say that as a distraction. I had my first mammogram today. She certainly had boobside manners! It was slightly awkward, but not painful, and they were all very friendly.