Friday, 25 April 2008

Shopping for compliments

I have been trying to bring myself to congratulate candidate 1 on her success but so far I cannot guarantee that I will be able to sound genuine enough so I was taking the cowardly way out and trying to keep out of her way until I had mellowed a bit. This was relatively easy at work and I finally left at 4.30 to go shopping, heaving a sigh of relief! I expect you can guess the next bit.. who should I see going into the supermarket but the very person! Well, at least she couldn't say anything about me leaving early but I really couldn't face a congratulations session over the cooked meats so I spent the next hour ducking in and out of the isles, checking carefully before I approached the veggies that she had not got there before me! It was like something out of a comedy show! I will have to get over my reticence soon!

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Michael House said...

Wow, you have been busy! I will read all your posts properly tomorrow. Thank you for reminding me to get mine a bit more up to date. I have been having a few problems, will email. Mostly comical, at least in retrospect!