Monday, 21 July 2008

The apprentice

This time it was my brother and not me who observed this but I think it deserves a semi-public airing! He was on the underground and two London Underground employees got on and sat opposite him. One was a large, East End man who by all accounts had been working for LU for years. The other was a younger man from overseas who was definitely very much the apprentice. The conversation went something like this..

"so ..Sergei..'ave you worked out yet 'ow t' fiddle the system?"

Sergei (looking embarrassed) "no, not really"

" Well, this is 'ow you do it right.. you ave to sign off by telephone at 4 o'clock right? Well, there are three of you in a team yeh? So, simple.. two of you go off at lunchtime and at 4 the other bloke makes 3 phone calls! Easy"

"That Bob Crow.. e's bloody brilliant e is. E fights the management for every little thing e does. Brilliant..!"

I hope Sergei is smart enough to know who he should listen to!

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