Sunday, 6 July 2008

Getting money for old rope

Over the past week I have been anxiously watching my first ever item for sale on Ebay! I have bought a few things from there in the past but this time I had something to sell. When I moved into my house the previous owner had left an old fireplace in the shed. She told me she had found it in a skip and decided to rescue it with the idea of restoring it or using it somewhere but had never got round to it. It had been in my garage for 5 years and I had never got round to doing anything with it either so decided to either try and sell it or give it away. I took a picture of it, set up an account, wrote a brief description and listed it for sale with no reserve as I just wanted to get rid of it! It was a pretty tatty looking original 1930s fireplace but it seemed to generate a lot of interest and I was delighted when it sold today for a good deal more than I had hoped! Now I truly have the bug and am desperately looking around for other items to sell! I want to get a digital camcorder and have seen a nice one for £400. I need to sell quite a lot of junk to get enough to buy that! Truth is, if I really wanted to buy it I have the money but I am quite enjoying the idea of 'earning' it!

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Michael House said...

when i was doing eBay to sell the old phonograph cylinders, i got quite obsessional and had to check the computer very frequently. Now i do nto do it, i have transfered the checking to other things, Facebook and games, etc etc! eBay can be very exciting.