Thursday, 17 July 2008


I was in town mid-day today and so decided to have some lunch in a cafe that is in a large haberdashery store. It is an old fashioned store and the only place around where you can buy knitting needles, wool, fabric, dressmaking patterns etc. Its the sort of place that tends to attract an older crowd and today was no exception. I did arrive in time to get a place to sit (just) but then proceeded to feel very guilty for taking up a seat when the elderly and infirm were queueing up! As my food arrived the lady behind me said
.."Oooo look, she's 'aving a jacket and chilli.. it looks quite nice..perhaps we should have had that."

As I quickly ate my lunch so as to free up a seat she continued talking about the food they had ordered

.."Well, I'm having a ham and pineapple toasted sandwich.. I mean it isn't something I would ever have thought of having so I have no idea what it will be like.. I'll just have to wait and see... Your having a cheebatter thing aren't you? Goats cheese and tomatoes? Well goodness knows what that'll be!

Someone then complained because the tables hadn't been cleared away, (even though the staff were running backwards and forwards trying really hard), the queues got longer and I hurriedly drank my coffee and left!

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Michael House said...

I like your people watching! 'cheebatter'! v