Sunday, 27 July 2008

Dangerous Dick

It has been a lovely warm weekend. On Saturday a friend of Ian's came down during the day and we went to the beach. I sat there for a while while he swam and she paddled! It was quite busy on the beach but pleasant! We then went to a cafe at the far end of the promenade to have some lunch. I decided to try and revive my roller-blading skills. I was pretty cr*p as I never have managed the art of stopping properly and getting back on the 'blades' is a bit like riding a bike again after a few years..the first 10 minutes are scary but after that you remember how it goes. After lunch Ian and his colleague walked back along a different route and I roller-bladed along the seafront. I had to laugh because I swear at the age of 50 someone tried to chat me up! I moved out of the way to allow someone else on roller blades to get by and he said 'don't worry, I can go either way.' I replied that unfortunately I was not so good, to which he said that he would show me how to do it on his return! At that, I sped up considerably, aiming to get to the pre-arranged rendez-vous point with Ian before that happened. He 'headed me off at the pass' however and gave me a free and quite helpful reminder on how to stop, turn, slow down etc! I thanked him and said goodbye, he said he came down there most days at 4.00 and that his name was 'dangerous Dick'. I then met up with Ian and while I was trying to get my boots off dangerous Dick skated past several times! I was secretly flattered although couldn't help wondering whether, if I hadn't seemed so cool, he would have been that interested! I was also quite amused by the incredulous looks I got from the over 55s at the sight of this obviously middle aged woman teetering along on her roller-blades!

PS: And in case you wondered Dangerous Dick was also the wrong side of 45.. or else he had aged badly! This is apparently how the middle-aged meet now!


Michael House said...

I don't think it would work for me, i would teeter and then fall over and be unable to get up again, as my legs and blades and knee protectors etc got in a muddle.

Michael House said...

Anyway, you're not yet 50!