Monday, 14 July 2008

Signs of ageing

I got a a letter the other day inviting me for my first mammogram. Now if Nessienora is reading this after her experience she will be encouraging me to go, and I will as I appreciate the value of free screening. Its just that I am not 50 until later on this year and somehow I was hoping I would have a gentle passage into the next decade and not have my age thrust into my face at the earliest opportunity!

They sent me an appointment for next week in the middle of Tuesday morning. Do they not think that people of 50 might be working and that it is quite difficult to arrange to have an hour or two out of the day with such short notice? The mobile screening unit is only in the area for two weeks and they had no other times on offer that I could make so I asked to re-arrange it for September.

"Well, we won't be in your area'll have to travel"

"That's ok, its getting time off work that is more difficult. Do you do any evening sessions?"

"No, I'm sorry we don't. I'll cancel your appointment for you and you can phone us nearer the time."

I don't think they understand about forward planning!

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Michael House said...

I half expected the invitation to arrive on my 50th birthday, along with the Saga magazines and invitations to consider a Stannah stair lift (or is that at 70?, but it arrived over a year later, by which time had forgotten about it! Do make sure you go.