Monday, 28 July 2008


As well as llamas, when we eventually get to France Ian and I would like a couple of dogs. I have wanted dogs for ages but my lifestyle has never made it possible. We have been debating many options, from rescue dogs to breeding West Highland Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers, Jack Russells (Ian's favourite not mine) and Collies (my favourite). I was initially put off the idea of acquiring a rescue dog through a French rescue agency on the grounds that we would probably not have much idea of what we were getting and I suspect that the agencies in the UK would not like to re-home a dog that was immediately going to be transported to France (to people that are not experienced dog owners). Anyway, while looking for something else I came across details of an organisation in the Dordogne (run by English people!) who rescue dogs from the French rescue organisations. They have some rather cute looking dogs so it looks like at the moment the rescue dogs are back on!

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Michael House said...

it has to be Biffo, no, Rupert, no, Ellie, or maybe all of them. But, several state they don't like cats. It doesn't mention what they think of llamas, which is most inconsiderate. You could end up being another sanctuary! Definitely a collie over a Jack Russell!