Sunday, 28 September 2008

The green house is now the white house

The 'green house' before

This weekend has been busy. When I bought my house I couldn't fail to notice that the rendering was painted green. Although it did look a little odd I didn't really hate it at first and it came in quite handy when directing people here,"you can't miss it. It's the green one". I soon discovered that all the neighbours also referred to it as the green house, although they didn't all appreciate its eccentricity! Over the last few years it has also become more and more faded and the time had come to re-paint it. Fortunately it was a great weekend and so I chose a more neutral 'almond white' colour and we started Saturday and finished today. You can see the before and after pictures below! The paint is guaranteed for 15 years and Ian worked out that he will be 61 before it should need repainting again!

and after!

PS: we used a scaffold tower, bits of a ladder, no harnesses and after the children climbed up the tower as if it were a climbing frame! No health and safety man to be seen anywhere!

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Michael House said...

The White House looks very smart. Much brighter, although I had never thought the house looked odd green!