Wednesday, 17 September 2008

My knickers

Over lunch my colleagues were laughing about the fact that there had been a pair of knickers on the floor outside someone's office. No one could really work out what to do about them. No one wanted to pick them up and no one came forth to claim them! Eventually someone picked them up using a tissue and put them in an envelope to put in the lost property.

"They were turquoise Lovely. They would have gone quite well with your trousers!"

I thought carefully as I had actually made a special effort that day to put on some matching knickers but I did still have them on! I had also worn matching knickers the previous day but I had cycled home and gone to my French class that night in the knickers and put a clean pair on this morning. Still, the description of these knickers was beginning to sound quite familiar so I thought I'd better go and check and sure enough, they were mine! But how the hell did they get to be on the floor outside my colleagues office?! The only explanation I can come up with is that when I picked up my cycle clothes off the floor this morning (as I cycled to work) somehow they got stuck to a bit of Velcro and were attached to me on the way in, falling off finally as I walked down the corridor. Now as if this wasn't embarrassing enough this morning I had driven my car to the garage, booked it in, chatted to the mechanic, got out my bike, cycled to work..all with a pair of turquoise knickers hanging off some part of my body! made us all laugh but I don't know how I will cope when I have to go and pick up my car (which incidentally failed its MOT and is going to cost £600 to put right!)

PS: I wonder how many sad bastards will find this post when searching google for lovely knickers!

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