Monday, 8 September 2008

Time to go

While away I managed to cut big branches off a tree with a small pruning saw (for 2 hours), cycle for 3 hours at a time, lug Ian's tools back and forth around the land in 30 degrees Celsius, sleep on a bed like a bouncy castle, when I was sitting, sit in uncomfortable campsite chairs; and in three weeks I was not particularly bothered by my stiff hands and joints and muscles.

Why is it then that after being home a week, back at work for 4 days where I spend the majority of time seated at a desk that the joints of my feet, ankles, fingers and wrists are so sore that I struggle to get out of my nice comfortable bed in the morning and I can hardly pick up my tea cup? There is a message there somewhere and it isn't too difficult to work out!

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