Monday, 22 September 2008

On being totally honest

So Gordon Brown has admitted that his performance lately during the imminent collapse of all Western economies has not been that good. Unfortunately, although I admire honesty in this instance it does not make me feel better! Its a bit like that question they used to ask at job interviews, "what are your strengths and weaknesses?" Now we all know that you have to answer this question strategically and balance your reasoned account of your great strengths with a mention of one or two fairly innocuous weaknesses that will not stand in the way of you getting the job. Similarly, when I was writing my PhD thesis I got to the bit where you have to evaluate and discuss the limitations of your study and my supervisor wisely told me to explain any that were blindingly obvious but not to discuss any of the more minor ones unless compelled to by the examiner. I guess it was bl**dy obvious that he wasn't doing very well but his statement that he 'hoped to do better' did not fill me with confidence!

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