Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Night time calm

While on holiday we called in several times to see our near neighbours Peter and Hazel, who have now been living there on and off for 18 months. You couldn't really ask for more pleasant neighbours. They are kind, warm, friendly and their house seems to always be open. One of my nicest memories of our two weeks there was a warm evening where we popped in to see Hazel after we had been working on the land. (Peter was back working in the UK for a few days). We sat outside chatting and after a while we saw Herman's shape emerging from his land and wandering up the path that he had cut to Hazel and Peter's house. (Now we know why he was cutting back the hedges!). We had some tea and some cake, chatted about Madame Delgrano and the local gossip and then we had a glass of wine. Hazel offered us some dinner, just noodles and vegetables but it tasted delicious, and we sat talking some more and watched the moon rise up over the land. We had never been out there at night before and it was so lovely, calm and peaceful except for the sound of the crickets. After a while the peace was shattered when the cat appeared with a large green lizard hanging out of its mouth! We removed the lizard and hopefully it lived to see another day. The cat was cross for a while but soon recovered. We sat there for a bit longer and then Herman left to go and water his herbs! We watched his figure disappearing off into the dark of the field.

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