Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Life on the border

Our return to the UK via Euro tunnel was not quite so smooth as the outward journey as a busy bank holiday weekend meant extra security and longer queues. We waited patiently, and as we were in a van we knew we would be stopped. We pulled up to the booth and a friendly chap said

"UK border least that's what we are this week..I think.. can I ask you what you have in your van"

I had sympathy. When I worked in the Health Service I did the same job, in the same place for 10 years but the headings on our notepaper changed six times!

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Michael House said...

Have been trying to catch up a little on you blog entries, but have then read the top one first and got them all in the wrong order! Sounds like you have had a great time, and are getting to know people locally and become part of what is going on over there. vx