Wednesday, 10 September 2008

More French

I have found a new French class and started last night. Peter is a native French speaker and teacher and lives locally. He runs classes in local community halls and centres at a variety of levels that don't follow any national curriculum or lead to an exam. The great advantage of that is that I don't have to spend a year learning how to talk about ipods, pop music and going to the disco (as covered by most A level texts) and I don't have to learn marketing French as taught by the universities! I was surprised to see that there were 12 of us in class and all but 3 had been coming for a number of years. The other surprise was that the class consisted entirely of femmes d'un certain âge (The polite way of saying middle aged women in French!). The group seemed nice, Peter was enthusiastic and a good teacher and the class was enjoyable so lets hope it works!

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